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Logopedic Exercises

logopedic exercises

Logopedic exercises help develop the mobility and strength of the articulatory organs that are essential to speech. The exercises also help develop the movements of the tongue and lips, which are important for the reception of sound. The exercises include gymnastics and other types of movement training that improve the positioning of the tongue and lips. Logopedic exercises can be done in different ways, and the focus should be on choosing the right combination of activities.

Articulatory gymnastics

Articulatory gymnastics and logopedics are two different kinds of exercises, which are aimed at strengthening and developing the mobility of the organs of speech and hearing. These types of exercises also involve the use of gymnastics, which train the body’s muscles and joints, to change the positions of the tongue and lips. These exercises are beneficial for developing speech skills, but they should be done with care. Children should perform them at a slow and deliberate pace to avoid overworking their body.

When practiced daily, articulatory gymnastics exercises help the child develop full-fledged movements and certain positions of the organs of speech. They also strengthen the muscles of the articulation apparatus. The exercises should be purposeful and performed carefully, and they should be organized into complexes. Each complex should target a particular movement of the tongue or lip, and should help the child to create the proper airflow. The exercises should start with basic movements and progress to more complex movements and special provisions. The exercises should be done on a daily basis for the fastest consolidation of skills.

Articulatory gymnastics help develop the strength, elasticity, and mobility of the tongue’s frenulum, which contributes to the correct pronunciation of sounds. In addition to this, speech therapy massage helps relieve the tension in the hands, and is often part of the speech therapy session. Children who are struggling with speech often benefit from these exercises, and they are able to learn new words and express their thoughts more fluently.