Safety Guidelines For Driving Carriages

When people think of carriage driving they usually picture a festive ride through the streets. This is a fun activity for both the driver and the passengers. However, there are some important safety guidelines you should consider when riding in one.

What is it called to drive a carriage?

The best way to start is by checking with your local driving club. They can give you a list of byways that are safe to travel on. You can also look at the Ordinance Survey maps to see what bridleways and roadways are available in your area.

There are many different types of carriages and each has its own merits. For example, a WCC Spyder Carriage is a highly functional equestrian vehicle that is used by professionals. Link : Carriage

A WCC Wagonette Carriage offers a high degree of balance for fast turns and rough terrain. Its standard features include an adjustable seat and brakes.

The Department of Consumer Affairs test for carriage driving is a little more complicated than it sounds. You must pass the written test and the test for body parts. If you pass, you are rewarded with a certificate and a gold-plated badge.

A new driver should not only consider the technical aspects of carriage driving, but also the practical ones. This includes determining whether the horse in front of you has the correct harness and the underfoot conditions.

The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to be a pilot or piloted by a pilot to take part in this equestrian pastime.