Vancouver LASIK Center

LASIK surgery in Vancouver is a popular treatment that offers patients a chance to see better without the use of glasses or contacts. The procedure reshapes the cornea, which is the outermost layer of the eye. It is performed by an ophthalmologist.

At what age should you not get LASIK?

The procedure offers patients vision benefits including improved night vision, less glare, and reduced eye strain. It can also be used to treat certain eye conditions. The lasik cost vancouver center uses advanced laser technologies to help patients achieve better vision.

Lasik is a medical device company that is known for its low prices. In the past three years, its doctors operated on more than 40,000 eyes. Lasik’s doctors generated $27 million in revenue. Lasik has thirty laser centres in Canada and North America.

Lasik’s former CEO, Michael Henderson, is currently in litigation. He sued the company for wrongful dismissal and medical negligence. He resides on Bowen Island.

Lasik Vision has endured bad publicity. Recently, the company has had to restate its financial results. It has also had to replace its board of directors.

Lasik Vision has hired Hugo Sutton, a former medical executive. Sutton was hired to run Lasik Vision after Michael Henderson was forced to resign. Initially, Sutton thought this move would be beneficial for Lasik.

Lasik had been pursuing a lower-volume business model. By cutting out optometrists and maintaining staff numbers low, it was able to offer the procedure for less money. It also had the advantage of a strong client base. However, it was becoming a big enemy to local optometrists.